Jasmine Accardi

Welcome to another post of The Limelight, a series of interviews with designers on their designs and journey to the fashion industry.When it comes to fashion, that’s one thing but including other elements of art in your collection is another thing. For this Limelight, I wanted to introduce to you this emerging designer, Jasmine Accardi based in Rome I spotted on Not Just a Label. Check out our interview:

Jasmine Accardi

[MIKARA] When it comes to art, I noticed that you are in touched with many forms of it and thats what grabbed my attention. What made you incorporate choreography in collection lookbook?
JASMINE] The Studio of Carla Accardi was the place where I was trained, surrounded by many contemporary Italian artists, that allowed me to analyze the diversity and plurality of forms, as well as three-dimensionality and spatial-ism; including these elements in my collections I create silhouettes with geometric volumes. The contemporary choreographies of Akram Khan perfectly enclose the aesthetic details that represent me in terms of style, the shapes of the body‘s dancers while they perform are the inspiration for Aas Kaa.

[MIKARA] How did you get introduced to fashion? And what age were you?
[JASMINE] I started my fashion design course at Polimoda International Fashion Institute at the age of nineteen, with the aim to match fashion with contemporary art, a conceptual aesthetic together with emotions and visual suggestions.
[MIKARA] At that moment of you getting familiar with fashion, did you know right then and there you wanted to be a designer? Why?
[JASMINE] The world of fashion is very hard and competitive reality, in constant change, with which it is difficult to keep up. I think the moment when you understand you want to be a designer arrives at the end of a collection, when you review the shooting and the lookbook, and think of all difficulties you’ve been able to face to get a satisfying and complete product, you feel you realized something concrete, a set of ideas and concepts that become true.

[MIKARA] Who is the typical “Jasmine Accardi” woman ?
[JASMINE] A woman involved in art and in the surrounding areas, with a strong personality, also particular. A woman who has the courage to declare her diversity and make it a strong point, but also proud of a femininity characterized by some sexy details.

[MIKARA] Describe their persona in 3-5 words ?
[JASMINE] Essential; ethnical; sperimental; conceptual.

[MIKARA] What was your process on creating this current collection?
[JASMINE] My profound admiration for the work of the choreographer Akram Khan and the artist Anish Kapoor gave me the inspiration for this collection. “ Aas Kaa.The closures are boundaries” is a reflection on the shapes of the outfit and metaphorical boundaries. Some inserts come from the draped Lunghi of Indian fishermen in Kerala.The colours are inspired by the artist Anish Kapoor, the use of red colour wich symbolizes fire and blood, alongside the shades of gray earth and volcanic ash, which in my interpretation evolve in redviolet, amaranth, mirrored rosewood material, nightblue, white. It is thanks to the photographer Claudia de Nicolò that the outfits match perfectly the set of exhibition “I pesci non portano fucili” by the artist Alfredo Pirri, at the Macro Museum in Rome.
[MIKARA] What’s your favorite in your current collection? And why?
[JASMINE] It’s a difficult question, for the designer every outfit tells a moment, the development of a concept in the research from which we started. I think the outfit that best represents the mood of the collection is the one made up of the white top and the amaranth pants that create an important volume.

[MIKARA] How do you define style?
[JASMINE] Let’s say the works of art must be lived, so designing a garment that will be worn makes wearable, usable, your idea of creativity. The clothes are a kind of masks that are worn to give a certain idea of themselves to society, the style in fact. I like the idea of creating images that give everyone the opportunity to express themselves in the different moods of each day, to give the way to everyone to affirm their individuality.
[MIKARA] Who would you name as your top 3 stylish influencer?
[JASMINE] I do not really follow the stylish influencers, I think it’s important to follow the young people, the teenagers, the new generation, the future is in their intuition!

[MIKARA] Besides designing, do you have any hidden talents?
[JASMINE] I don’t know if I have a hidden talent, but I have a passion for cinema, I like to analyze films and discuss them.
[MIKARA] Closing out this interview: where would you like to see your brand in 5 years?
[JASMINE] Who would not like to see their collections on a catwalk? I would also like to work as a creative director in a team and bring my design to a great brand … maybe dress up some celebrity !! We’ll see!

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