Kreacija Jewelry

When we want to stand out in a classy way ( no matter what the age is), this independent designer allows you to do that with her designs. This week’s Limelight goes to Kreacija Jewelry. Check out the interview:

Kreacija Jewelry

[MIKARA] Each of your pieces show a level of boldness with a mixture of tasteful art, did you always know you wanted to be a fashion accessory designer?

[NADICA] Fashion design, style, fashion installations, aesthetics, beauty and design in general had always fascinated and conquered me. The love for fashion and the manner in which I perceive it, is a part of my daily life. Although I have a degree in psychology, I have great passion for fashion and accessories and I channel all my creative energy through the design of jewelry. The creative explosion that I have experienced at one moment, was more than sufficient to open my atelier – ‘Kreacija’ – a place where I design, produce and sell jewelry.


[MIKARA] With me being such a big accessory fan, I noticed your pieces are created only in black and white (very minimal color) but yet maintain a unique look, how do you find inspiration? What is the process of you creating?

[NADICA] Yes, precisely, black and white are the dominant and basic colors of my jewelry. I adore the simple, but effective designs. Colors are an opportunity for visual recognition of a brand, for building up a recognizable style in general, just as you have noticed.
Concerning the inspiration, well, most often, I find it in myself, I often have a storm of ideas, which, like on a movie roll, revolve in front of my eyes. The visualization which “conquers” me most, I transform it into a piece of jewelry.
My collection “Manzara” was inspired by Ottoman architecture, shapes, monumentality, colors…The inspiration for the new “Capsule” collection came from the capsule wardrobe which every woman has in her closet. Everything is handmade, the creative process is always in several phases – from design to production a lot of time passes, I work completely alone, so on the road from idea to the product, the phases are changing, until I get the piece of jewelry that I have envisaged.

[MIKARA] Your first name is Nadica, what is the meaning behind your brand name, Kreacija Jewelry?

[NADICA] Kreacija means Creation. The name by definition reflects my work, my process of creating something new. The logo resembles a round stamp with the symbol “N” of the Glagolitic script (the oldest known Slavic alphabet) signifies my intention to have a stamp, a mark with my designs, while the symbol stands for the first initial of my name.

[MIKARA] If you had to explain the ” Kreacija ” woman to a blind person, how would verbally paint the picture for them to see in their mind?

[NADICA] “Kreacija” woman is like a strong wind and heavy rain, like the taste of dark chocolate and the sounds of a rock symphony…She is like a strong wind and a torrential rain, as the sounds of a rock symphony and the taste of dark chocolate..

[MIKARA] What is fashion to you? And how do intertwine creativity with fashion?

[NADICA] Fashion is about expressing your identity, showing everyone who you are through your fashion choices and using your clothes to say something about you.
For me it is about expressing myself. Fashion is a form of free speech. It not only embraces clothing, but also accessories, hairstyles, beauty and body art.
Fashion is hard to put into words. But if I had to choose they would be – imagination, innovation and fantasy.
Creativity is indispensable for the making of each of my jewelry pieces in the same way as it had been visualized.
[MIKARA] For some people, fashion has been in their life since they were a child. When did you get into fashion?
[NADICA] Fashion had always been in the focus of my interest, but if we refer to the professional approach in the world of fashion, that would be the period when I completed the clear vision and mission for my brand Kreacija and opened up my atelier (studio) two years ago.



[MIKARA] If you could pick any celebrity or micro-celebrity to be a spokesperson for your brand for one year, who would it be and why?

[NADICA] That would definitely be Alexa Chung. Why? That woman is the embodiment of fashion for me.

[MIKARA] Do you have any hidden talents outside the fashion industry?

[NADICA] I frequently get inspired for interior design, I like to create installations…I love architecture and when I do have opportunities to (re)arrange an interior space, I relate it closely with creativity. The interior of my atelier Kreacija was completely my idea, my design.

[MIKARA] What are your business goals in the next 5 years? 10 years?

[NADICA] I am focusing on showcasing my jewelry at a wider market. The dynamics of my work includes several collections within a year, so that I can offer newer and newer designs. If we speak on the long-term, my idea is to go beyond the design of jewelry, and to also work on clothing design, of course with a bigger team.

[MIKARA]  Closing this interview out: How do you want people to view your contribution to the fashion accessory industry?

[NADICA]  wish to bring my unique and unusual design to people… think outside the box…



Kreacija Jewelry


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