Bianca Georgescu

[Mikara] What made you decide to become a footwear + accessory designer?

[Bianca] The passion for footwear design arose from various practices in workshops in Bucharest and abroad. One of the most extensive experiences I’ve had was the internship at Scala Theatre in Milan, where I’ve created stenographic shoes for theater plays. It was an important period because of the perceptive development on the design of shoes as art pieces, but also a functional practice that helped me gain a significant amount of technical and qualitative experience. I believe this was also the moment I have decided what I wanted to do next.

[Mikara] How do you in the creative zone when you are creating new items?

[Bianca] I usually start from an idea that inspires me. Then, my favorite part is the process of research, documentation; it is the moment when every detail can change decisively the creative perspective. From here to actual realization of a product it is just one step: piecing together ideas and results, along with a lot of work in the workshop.

[Mikara] Coming from your experience, what is your favorite part about being a footwear + accessory designer?

[Bianca] If I come to think about it, I believe that what I love most is the ability to innovate continuously and limitlessly and then putting into practice those innovation as I see fit.

[Mikara] What is the meaning fashion (to you)?

[Bianca] Expressing yourself 🙂

[Mikara] Define the women/men wearing your products in 3-5 words?

[Bianca] Beauty lovers, fashion enthusiasts, art collectors.

[Mikara] How do you want customers to feel when wearing your accessories?

[Bianca] To feel perfect in their own “skin”.

[Mikara] There’s so much pressure for designers to come out with their greatest collection season after season. What advice would you give to young designers just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry?

[Bianca] Learning from my own experience, I want to advise them to be as autonomous as possible, to follow their dreams and trust themselves. Also we have a saying in Romanian: “the profession is stolen, not taught.”

[Mikara] How has your brand evolved from 2 years ago?

[Bianca] It has evolved quite a lot very fast. From moving to my own workshop, to designing and opening my private showroom.. I have been involved in many activities both fashion related, as well as for business development and I even had a group of children to mentor and teach about my work.

[Mikara] If there a celebrity/influencer you would love to be in your design, who would it be and Why?

[Bianca] I guess I would say Beyoncé because I admire her and her creativity a lot. I believe she is a real artist in every respect.

[Mikara] Outside of fashion designing, what do you do for fun?

[Bianca] I have many hobbies, every day new ones. 🙂 As indoor activities, I mostly like to draw and read, but also I love going out with friends, taking long walks or just enjoy the fresh air (and fresh fruits) in my grandparents’ court in Brasov.

[Mikara] What is next for the brand Bianca Georgescu?

[Bianca] Well, things have advanced quite rapidly somehow by themselves lately. We want to participate in international design fairs with new collections and to introduce more accessories. Also, I am preparing a new project, but it is kind of a secret for now. Stay tuned for more 🙂

For me, I wish to always be able to do what I love, to keep my spirit young and alive and to have the inspiration to create even more fascinating items.

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