[Mikara] What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

[TU] The favorite part is to be able to play with all kinds of fabrics, and bringing all my imagination about fashion into life.

[MIKARA] How did you decide you wanted to be a fashion designer? What age ?

[TU] I’m a dreamer about beauties of clothing. Therefore, I see myself through fashion and I can live for all that I really am.

[MIKARA] Who is the Tu Nguyen Hoang client? Describe them in 3-5 words.


[TU] Same thought, accept the difference, wealthy.

[MIKARA] How do you define fashion?

[TU] Innovation

[MIKARA] The designs you create are very dramatic yet showcases impressive shapes; who and what things were you inspired by while creating your latest collection?

[TU] I really do like Iris Van Herpen’s dreaming designs, I love the romantic of nature and also love the complication of mankind. Fashion came to me by my mother’s fabrics, I inspired by her. Playing with different kinds of fabric to create my own World.


[MIKARA] How has your brand evolved from 2 years ago?

[TU] I was confused. Choosing to continue the journey of fashion in Vietnam by passion or go where the money calls – doing what everyone is doing. Fortunately, I’ve got true friends beside me, they said if everyone is afraid then who could be the leader? Who to lead the way for all fashion lovers. Until now I got an email from you, I hope I can go further with the way I did choose.

[MIKARA] Which trend(s) are you currently loving ?

[TU] I’m not stimulate for fast-fashion. There should be a process, and in each stage, we can tell a story.

[MIKARA] Outside of fashion designing, what do you do for fun?

[TU] I can’t get enough of watching nature and how people are treating it. From where I can write down the stories of my own unlike the rest of mankind.

[MIKARA] If you could pick a celebrity/influence to be your brand ambassador for a season, who would it be and why?


[TU] I’m thinking about Tilda Swinton, her attraction is similar to the magic that fashion has charmed me.

[MIKARA] What’s next for the brand?

[TU] Maybe somewhere in a developed country, diehard but has the love for romantic.

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