[MIKARA] When and what was the moment you knew you wanted to be design headpieces?

[PENNY] I’ve loved fashion and clothing ever since I was little and amassed a large collection of vintage headwear and clothing over the years. I was exposed to and learned a lot about architecture through an old job and my love for both now goes hand in hand. My mother taught me how to sew and knit when I was young, which made me appreciate the significance of handwork and craftsmanship. Six years ago, I sold all of my vintage hats during a major shift in my life. I looked at them and thought, “Why don’t I learn how to make them instead?” and from then on I decided to embark on a path of pure creative work.

[MIKARA] You can never go wrong with a strong statement piece; but what really struck my eyes was the structure and drama in the headpieces. What are your inspirations behind some of those headpieces?

[PENNY] My work is inspired by the work of the naturalist Ernst Haeckel. He was also an artist, biologist, philosopher, physician, illustrator, and artist whose work highlights the symmetry and perfection of form seen in both microscopic and macroscopic worlds. I find his drawings of deep-sea creatures to be the purest of forms found in nature, and I apply it to my designs.

[MIKARA] What is your definition of fashion?

[PENNY] Fashion should reflect your personality. You don’t have to go out and absorb every single trend in a seasons.

[MIKARA] In 3-5 words, describe your brand, CHUCHU NY ?

[PENNY] Unique, sophisticated, fascinating.

[MIKARA] What luxury designer/brand do you admire the most and why?

[PENNY] I absolutely love Iris van Herpen. She transformed traditional craftsmanship to futuristic, and innovation dresses.

[MIKARA] If you could pick a celebrity/influence to be your brand ambassador for a season, who would it be and why?

[PENNY] Halsey. I saw her preform at Victoria Secret. I like her unique look.

[MIKARA] Outside of fashion, what do you like to do for fun?

[PENNY] I love art and architecture. I go to museums as much as I can when I get a chance.

[MIKARA] In the next 5 years, where would you like to see yourself?

[PENNY] I would like to have my own a studio/store, the front is a store and back is a studio.

Photographer: Ylva Erevall @ylvaerevall
Paper headpiece by @chuchuny
Model Denya Altevers @d3nya represented by @nextmodels
Hair Briana Chapman @brianadchapman represented by @agencygerardartists
Make Up Nick Lujan @nicklujanmua

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