Diana Lecompte

[Mikara] Accessories bring an outfit to life, with little to none effort (thanks to the accessory designers), what made you decide to get into accessory designing?

[Diana] I got into accessory designing intuitively, I start designing necklaces for selling them to my friends at school when I was like 13. But it was later on after doing my bachelors in art that I was really interested in the space that can be created around the body it can be the physical and spiritual space. And it was during my MFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts at the AAU in San Francisco that I explore the space through little sculptures that are wearable pieces of jewelry.

[Mikara] What was the moment you knew you wanted to take designing seriously?

[Diana] I have always been really creative, when I was at school, I was doing necklaces, earrings, paintings and I knew I wanted to work in something related with art or design. But I think that the exact moment when I decided to take designing seriously was when I took my first jewelry class.

[Mikara] In 3-5 words, define your brand.

[Diana] Sculptural jewelry handmade with recycled metals.

[Mikara] What puts you in the zone to create new designs?

[Diana] Usually travelling I think that is the moment when the mind and the eyes discover new things. But I have to be realistic I cant travel that frequently every time I have to design a new collection. So I try to watch a lot of movies, I am a visual person and that feeds my creativity.

[Mikara] Which accessory is your favorite (thus far)?

[Diana] The Volta earrings! They are like the perfect size for every day and at the same time you can take them out at night to make a statement.

[Mikara] If you could talk to the 18 year old version of you now, what would you tell yourself?

[Diana] Be patient, everything is a process is like a bicycle mountain race. Every pedaling takes you closer to the top. And don’t lose your heart and spirit during this process.

[Mikara] What celebrity or influencer would you love to see wearing your accessories?

[Diana] There are so many that I would like to see them wearing Diana Lecompte jewelry, I guess right now I would say Michelle Obama and Beyonce, who represent empowered women who defeat stereotypes and define a new paradigm of success.

[Mikara] Outside of fashion designing, what do you do for fun?

[Diana] Spend time with my family and friends.

[Mikara] Where would you like to see your brand in 2 years?

[Diana] I would love to see my brand in different retailers around the world, specially the ones that cares about sustainability. We haven’t had the opportunity of talking about this, in the interview but let me tell you a little bit more about my jewelry pieces. Diana Lecompte is a luxury jewelry brand with a sustainable approach. Our sculptural jewels are 100% handmade by Colombian artisans with recycled metals. We use silver, that can be found in old X-rays or in the waste from the medical and jewelry industry. We also use brass is an alloy composed of copper and found in the waste of the electronics industry, such as cables. Giving a new use to discarded materials we ‚Äč‚Äčeliminated from our production process the extraction of metals from natural sources and we created a double value in each piece: the opportunity to use a unique jewel that in its origin reduces the impact on the environment. That is why we only design 2 collections per year. In our fabrication process after the purification of metal, it is melted and take form in these sculptural unique pieces we create. Every piece of jewelry is one of a kind not only because they are handmade but also because the pieces are made to order to prevent overproduction.

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