Having a certain flair of style for a male has been a very becoming thing now-a-days. And with more and more independent designers getting in menswear, allows the fellas to show many different sides of style compared to 10 years ago.  On this segment of The Limelight: Naeun Kim, I will be interviewing the newly SCAD graduate, Naeun Kim on her brand and her journey as a men’s wear fashion designer. Check out the some of her looks and the interview:

[MIKARA] The designs you create are focused om menswear, what made you decide to get into men’s wear instead of womenswear?

[Naeun Kim] I love all the traditional tailoring details of menswear and traditional menswear fabrics. It is always fun to create something new with traditional details. In that way, I believe the design has both of a classic beauty and modern novelty.

[MIKARA] How would you define a fashionable man?

[Naeun Kim] I believe everyone has their own color, which can represent your personality and style the most. I believe fashionable man is a man who knows his own color, and dresses the way he is.

[MIKARA] How would describe the Naeun Kim man in 3-5 words?

[Naeun Kim] Friendly, Enthusiastic, Eager-to-learn, Heavy-sleeper, Chocoholic.

[MIKARA] Throughout your site, you have the tagline ” We all have a story to tell”, what story were you trying to tell in your last collection?

[Naeun Kim] In my thesis collection, the reason why I chose that sentence is because I believe that everyone has a story that they want to hide, whether the secret is small or big. For those who are distressed by the secret they want to conceal. I hope to inspire others to begin their journey towards healing – “Don’t be too distressed. Its not just you, everyone has their own story.”

[MIKARA] Is there a special regimen/inspiration that gets your creative juice flowing?

[Naeun Kim] I am usually inspired by imaginary stories. Instead of looking at something only in a superficial way, I imagine a story inside of it and build more specific and concrete ideas through the story. I love when inspirational factors and imaginary stories are combined and become one very unique concept in the end.

[MIKARA] How do you maintain your brand relevancy to the fashion trends and balance your target customer?

[Naeun Kim] I usually do research a lot on “street snap” photos and Vogue runway photos, but I mainly watch people on the street carefully. Also, I kind of believe spa-brands such as Zara, H&M, or Forever 21 are pretty good at finding customer’s needs. So I always try to see how they find it what they make for market.

[MIKARA] Outside of fashion designing, what do you like to do?

[Naeun Kim] Here are some industries in which I can imagine myself: Firstly, as an astronomer. My major at my previous school in South Korea was astronomy. If I was not pursuing a career in fashion, I might keep studying astronomy, and I would study the stars at the observatory, discover a new star and name it after myself. Second, since I love animals very much, I might choose an animal related career path. However, seeing sick animals always makes me cry, so I would rather be a zookeeper than a veterinarian. A third possibility is an athlete. Until my high school years, I was taught a traditional Korean martial art, Taekwondo. I trained in Taekwondo for about six years and once dreamed of going professional and competing. As I miss those days sometimes, I think a competitive athlete might have been an option. And lastly, I might have pursued the path of a news anchor. My mother used to work as an anchor in South Korea, at a broadcasting station. My mom, who quit her job after marriage, wanted me to be an anchor and follow in her footsteps. I actually studied to become an anchor for a little while when I was younger.

[MIKARA] What’s your favorite garment pieces if you had to pick?

[Naeun Kim] I would love to say “Trench Coat”.

[MIKARA] With self- branding being very big now-a-days due to social media, your progress is always documented or searched for. What do want your brand to accomplish in 2 years?

[Naeun Kim] I want my brand to have at least three different collection in 2 years. I want people to know I am a designer and keep working on my collection.

[MIKARA] Closing out this discussion: would you ever venture out to accessories or womenswear?

[Naeun Kim] Yes. Before I took all the menswear classes in my school year, I took some of required womenswear classes. I am also interested in womenswear and accessories. Further down the line, I want to try both accessories and womenswear.

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