Nana Gotti

[Mikara] Being born and raised in Turkey, attending school at Parsons School of Designs and graduating from Istituto Marangoni London, you have a slight advantage of seeing and indulging many cultures and people. How has these experiences heighten your designs, brand and vision?

[Nana] I became more open-minded and started to think outside the box. My experience has taught me to have more courage, hence you can see it in my designs, whereas I’m using strong colors or the mix of the colors. I see a lot of globalization that has come up in recent years, where people are born somewhere, studied somewhere else and reside somewhere. Hence I want to cater to new upcoming people age, those are the one i want to target.

[Mikara] You have a lot of experience in the areas of design, wholesale, PR and styling. How did you get into the world of fashion design? How did you know this was the right fit for your career?

[Nana] Glad you brought that up. See if you want to build a house, you would need an architecture, a builder, a painter etc… This is the same for setting up a label. I always wanted to become a designer, to have my own brand and even expand in various fields, therefore I wanted to master in different areas to have a good knowledge of what I’m doing, at the end it is more business than design that it takes to become successful. So my experience has helped me to grow and understand the fashion industry on various different levels.

[Mikara] How has fashion made you express your new dimensions in your brand? Life? Confidence after graduating from Istituto Marangoni London?

[Nana] Through my brand I am able to self confidently express emotions and creativity which i cant in real life, due to the existing boundaries which most of us are used to as being part of today’s society. The majority of my ideas and visions I get to based on various episodes which I went through in my diversified life.

[Mikara] What was the moment you were introduced to fashion?

[Nana] I used to watch FashionTV rather than Kids Channel. It satisfied me to see models in gorgeous colorful dresses. Back then, the Catwalk had something magical for me, whereas the clothes were the star of the show. From there on, I have started to drape with my towel in front of the mirror in the bathroom and create new shapes. The idea of creating of being a creator of new pieces has always amazed me.

[Mikara] Which category do you prefer to design, RTW, evening wear or shoes?

[Nana] Evening wear. Before i decided to go for RTW i wanted to become a Couturier, but I am way too impatient.

[Mikara] Women wearing your Nana Gotti Official, list 3-5 words that describe their personality?

[Nana] Daring; Strong; Bold; Cool; Modern.

[Mikara] How has the experience of being an entrepreneur been in this fast pace climate of digital age? Has it been helpful or hindering?

[Nana] Being a working mother having to manage a child, a house, a brand, having to live in two different cities going back and forth is already a challenge on its own. Nevertheless, I learned how to overcame the challenge and i came through and launched my brand. Digital age has obviously helped a lot as its allowing me to work from Zurich and manage my employees in Istanbul, so i can become a global brand instead of a local one. It does presents its challenges such as fast changing trends but if you stay ahead of the game then you are well prepared.

[Mikara] How do you define a stylish woman?

[Nana] A stylish woman to me has a bold sense of fashion. It’s a form of expression without to speak. Someone that steps out of their comfort zone.

[Mikara] If you were not in designing, what do you think your career would be?

[Nana] A really good Barrister or I have studied criminology.

[Mikara] If you could pick a celebrity/influence to wear your garments, who would it be and why?

[Nana] It would be Amal Clooney. A strong, smart personality who has never failed to wear anything wrong in the public.

[Mikara] Would you ever consider venturing into a accessories?

[Nana] I actually designed an eyewear accessory for the first time for my Spring Summer Collection which has a design protection. It is an Evil-eye glass and the idea of designing more accessories is something i would definitely keep doing.

[Mikara] In the next 3-5 years, where would you like to see yourself, personally and professionally?

[Nana] Being successful in what I’m doing and expand my brand in various fields. I want it to become a lifestyle brand which should last for many generations.

[Mikara] An entrepreneur is trying to start a brand, what pro’s and con’s would you tell them before starting the brand?

[Nana] Pros is definitely you get to do what you love and working hours wont matter anymore. You can impact the world and empower people of all genders. You are also able to provide jobs and pursue your own vision. You will never have a monotonous day or a 9-5 job because you will have the full freedom on how you want to work. Contras: Funding can be a nightmare unless you are wealthy. A start up will face a lot of risks but it’s a part of the game. Many people rely on their talent but it wont last forever if you are not able to turn your expenses into profits. It is always good to ask someone who has set up a successful business to ask for advice otherwise you will learn by doing. But either way it is sometimes good to make mistakes in order to be better next time.

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