WAFA BY WAFA [Flashback]

[MIKARA] Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule, I know its a busy year for fashion designers, but looking at your previous collection def spoke to me LOUDLY (lol), many of my followers know I’m obsessed with fun/festive accessories – what made you go into designing fashion accessories?

[WAFA] Always love hearing that from people! I actually started out having a luxury resort wear brand a few years ago. I’ve always been interested in accessories and the power they hold to completely change an ensemble, so when it came time to make a switch that seemed like the natural progression for me.

[MIKARA] With you being in the accessory industry which is a slightly different process that clothing, what does your accessory design process look like? And does it take long for you to complete the process of one design?

[WAFA] Maybe it’s the fact that I was a clothing designer first, or my years at Parson’s. But the design process for me with the accessories is actually exactly the same as it was with the clothes. Inspiration, mood board, sketches, actual sample production; in the same order always! The only difference is that these samples usually take less time than it did with the clothing.

[MIKARA] How would you describe who you are as a designer and your becoming?

[WAFA] My becoming, wow that’s a loaded question! Lol. I’d say my brand is a culmination of the very essence of me. It took some time to get to but as it stands it is very representative of me. It’s sophisticated and paired back but still has an element of fun in there.

[MIKARA] Is there a go-to person you use as your mannequin or for opinions on a design in production mode?

[WAFA] I had a really close friend in luxury PR that was my go to as a mannequin but unfortunately she recently moved away. I do however have a lot of friends within the industry that I turn to for advice, whether it’s design, marketing or branding. It’s always good to get a fresh perspective on things.

[MIKARA] What is the message/concept behind your upcoming collection ss18?

[WAFA] The idea behind this collection was presenting opulence but in a paired back manner, almost like a whisper. Our take on it, like wearing ripped jeans with a concert Tee but then adding giant bejewelled earrings to the mix. It’s taking the everyday and turning it up a notch!

[MIKARA] What’s your top pick for the newest collection SS18?

[WAFA] I am partial to a lot of my pieces but I think my absolute favourite from the collection would be our Talea earrings, especially in the Pink. They pack an extra punch! It’s such a great piece, day/night, dressed up/dressed down; it can go whatever way you’d like it to.

[MIKARA] What type of women does Wafa by Wafa accessories attract?

[WAFA] Our customers tend to be young women that appreciate quality pieces that hold a story. Pieces that aren’t just about the trend but also comfortable and price accessible!

 [MIKARA] If you could describe your brand in 3 words, what would those words be?

[WAFA] Individualistic, refined, power pieces.

[MIKARA] How has your brand evolved from 2 years ago?

[WAFA] It’s a completely different animal now from when I first started. I believe a brand is like a person, as you move forward the goal is that you grow through your experiences and become stronger with each coming season.

 [MIKARA] Do you try to follow the trend or do you follow your own ?

[WAFA] I don’t think I’m a follower, nor am I all about trends. I started doing tassels a lot earlier than this whole wave we seem to be riding at the moment. I’ve always designed for women that followed their own beat not the crowd.

[MIKARA] Outside of fashion, what do you like to get into for fun ?

[WAFA] People, human connection, that’s kind of my thing. I’ve moved around so much in my life that that’s something I hold really close. New people, new conversations, new experiences.

[MIKARA] What celebrity/micro celebrity would you love in your accessory design?

[WAFA] I’ve always been a fan of Patricia Field and I love what she’s doing with the show Younger. I would love to see them on Hilary Duff’s character on the show. I also love Sonam Kapoor’s eclectic style and would love to see them on her! 

[MIKARA] If you could do a limited edition collaboration with another brand who it be and why?

[WAFA] I would love to collaborate with handbag designer Benedetta Bruzziches. Her collection of acrylic clutches is sublime and I would love to explore the idea of bringing those elements together.

[MIKARA] With so much accomplishments: featured in Marie Claire, Harper Bazaar & in fashion week, What do you wish to accomplish next for your brand?

[WAFA] I’m so grateful for everything with the brand and fashion so far, this year I would like to focus my attention on global outreach. I think this may be the year the brand makes it’s debut in Paris! 

[MIKARA] I’d like to close things out by observing your Instagram, “#KeepYourGameStrong , and I was wondering how did this message develop over the course of years you’ve been growing the brand?

[WAFA] That’s something that evolved over the past couple of years. Our accessories are all about making a statement and standing out in a crowd, and I always wanted that to be the focus of the brand.

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